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Simplifying healthcare efficiency in New York


Senior Product designer


Minded is a New York startup founded to empower all women with the specialized and nuanced care they deserve by offering female-focused medication plans for anxiety, depression, and more—all from the comfort of home.

I worked on simplifying their health provider portal which increased admin efficiency for nurses using the platform; they raised $25m in 2022.

The challenge

Discovery and Definition

Using a mix of qualitative data and user feedback, in 2022 we identified a handfull of issues with Minded's provider portal and patient dashboard

These problems were:

  • The existing designs didn’t factor in a thorough health provider experience
  • The path after registration to patient check-in was confusing and often led to errors by admins; where the patient had little idea of the cadence of meetings/check-ins
  • In the admin, Patients weren’t being tagged based on their status in the entire process

Strategic approach

Auditing and updating the design system components.

For the admin-facing health provider portal, I refined the components and extended the design system, enabling the team to quickly ship designs to the medical providers and registered nurses that used the dashboard daily

Design system components

Patient dashboard modules

I designed a new responsive layout for the home page on the patient dashboard—an improvement in the patient's experience—giving them quicker and easier access to upcoming appointments, check-ins, and their assigned medical providers.

Patient dashboard modules

Health provider dashboard

I designed a follow-up feature for medical providers using the system. It allowed them to set the patient's next schedule for consultation, saving them and the patients time and effort.

Patient dashboard modules

Ideations, brainstorming and iterations

Collaborative brainstorming with the product