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Providing foreign-currency denominated investment opportunities for Africans.


Senior Product designer


Kudy Financials is an investment firm that offers Eurobond, hedge funds, and high-end investment products. In 2017, I spent 6 months on a design vision for the future of Kudy Financials. The goal was to present a unified vision of offline business and a brand new web dashboard; one that mirrored an improved business processes, in a modern style; for target audience of young working adults

The challenge

Discovery and Definition

The team had a strong understanding of what we were building from day one. Customer feedback logs suggested that the process for investing needed to be imrpoved. During the time of this project, Kudy was repositioning itself to be the go-to platform for young adults to invest in long-term bonds. We needed a modern, minimal dashboard that could serve this audience.

We had three primary goals:

  • Easy to understand information of all products on a website
  • Build a responsive dashboard that they can access on the go; with a seamless experience between mobile and desktop.

We spent hours gathering artefacts of the existing business model, to fully discover thee process. I created a user flow, identifying the pain points and all the design solutions that we could address at each point. I also implemented the landing page and the frontend of the applications using HTML and CSS



With this concerted design and product investment of over 6 months to make the new digital experience a lot better for customers, they had an all-time high of 1,000 customer signups for the first time in 1 year.

Responsive landing page
Overview of dashboard with active fund
Reusable KYC components for seamless fund subscriptions
Detail page for a fund
Blog page for educating customers