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A decentralized stream-to-earn music-fi & NFT musicverse


Senior Product designer


Grooveup is a decentralized stream-to-earn music-fi and NFT music verse that will power the next chapter of disruption in the music industry! GrooveUP has created a new ecosystem where music makers, content creators, service providers, tastemakers, innovators, influencers, and investors will move in sync, collaborate, set mutual goals, and generate wealth.

The challenge

Discovery and Definition

Today, streaming services offer fans a listening experience and in some cases, a platform to connect with aritst. One unique opportunity we saw that came with the increase in web3 was fans asking to own a peice of artist/music royalty. Some would consider this the epitome of true fandom. Our goals were simple but ambitious:

  • A social listening experience that brought artist and fans together
  • Allow fans own a piece of royalty from artist and their music

Strategic approach

Design research

With over hundreds of hours in research and focus groups with users of different personas, I worked with a team of music industry professionals to get a lot of insights into how the artist–song distribution works. I also did some analysis on platforms like Spotify for Artists and Clubhouse. I designed what was a combined experience of social listening rooms, incentive-driven streaming, smart non-custodial wallet stored artist tokens earn, and a mini NFT marketplace.

User journey for artists
User journey for artists
Landing page
Social listening feature that allows artist host their fans; and a quick access to their wallet from their screen
Artist can set up their own token and choose an allocation strategy
Artists' reach and how to invest in their music
Tipping an artist while streaming their song
Fan Room - Listening party - Overview