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B2B enterprise portal serving 4 million merchants


Senior Product designer


VConnect, the parent company of vLeads, wanted to rethink its positioning and offer a robust B2B portal for its 4m+ merchants across the nation. The company also wanted to set itself apart from its B2B competitors with a more friendly and human approach. V-leads is a business portal that had over 4 million merchants with an average of 4 -5 sub-businesses under them; the portal allowed businesses to manage locations of their business stations, social score, customer satisfaction reviews aggregates, listings and review growth analytics

My role

As the lead designer I spent months in their HQ talking with sales team leads, and the CEO and joined in on sales report reviews with the team and periodic brainstorming sessions with the internal design strategist, COO and other key stakeholders. I spent time refining user journeys that shaped current and future state moments across all the touch points of new and returning merchants' interaction with the platform and designing a new enterprise dashboard.

The challenge

Discovery and Definition

Data from the sales team spending hundreds of hours speaking to over 5,000 merchants and taking surveys indicated a few problems and opportunities:

  • Some merchants have opened multiple businesses and don’t have an organised system of managing every aspect of these businesses: locations, social reputations, and growth; causing false reporting both for businesses and the company
  • Sales reps often used multiple tools to onboard new merchants, leading to human error and ineffective tracking
  • The parent company couldn’t create a working monetization strategy because of a mix of ineffective merchant management, and inaccurate market data amongst other factors

Strategic approach


  • 65% of their traditional merchants went digital fully, onboarding all their sub-businesses on the platform; while 25% onboarded half of their businesses
  • 93% of sales executives reported existing merchants recommended vLeads to more merchants outside the network
  • I helped them shape and design the whole experience of the seamless business expanding digital footprint, from the super merchant profile verification / to scanning for existing associated sub-business, solving complex problems of messy reputation management and social analytics
Businesses getting onboarded and analyzed
Review Analytics: to allow businesses manage reviews across multiple store locations

Location tagging and mapping

Business owners, based on their subscription plan, can create, tag and manage all the business locations they own across the country

Rank Tracking: one of the reputation management features created to visualize how they perform compared to their industry peers